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Empower Survivors and Help Break the Cycle of Abuse

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Empower Survivors and Help Break the Cycle of Abuse

Building a Strong Safety Net for Survivors: 'I Am My Sister's Keeper'

October has arrived, marking the start of Domestic Violence Awareness Month—a time when we unite to shed light on a pressing issue that affects countless lives. For over a decade, Rebel Thriver has been at the forefront of supporting survivors of domestic violence, providing a private online sanctuary, the "Village", for those who have taken the courageous step to break free from abuse.

This year, we are embarking on a new campaign that goes beyond our organizations Four Pillars: Community, Education, Advocacy, and Mentorship. It's called "I am My Sister's Keeper," and it's not just a campaign; it's a lifeline for survivors who are teetering on the edge of returning to the abuse they fought so hard to escape.

Imagine the journey of a survivor who managed to leave an abusive partner. The path to freedom is often fraught with hardships and uncertainties. The recidivism rate for domestic violence is alarmingly high, with survivors returning to their abusers an average of 7- 8 times before they can break free for good.

The reasons behind this heartbreaking cycle are complex and multifaceted. Survivors face immense challenges, from emotional trauma to financial insecurity. Many find themselves isolated from their support networks, making it incredibly difficult to maintain independence. Post Separation Abuse is also a very real thing survivors may have to deal with while they are trying to move forward in their new life. It is critical to understand that just because they escape doesn't mean the abuse stops.

I'd like to share a powerful story about one of our members...

Meet Laura, a member of our community. She endured an abusive marriage for over a decade, controlled in every aspect of her life. From her appearance to her social interactions, every decision was dictated by her abuser. Together, they have four beautiful young children. Escaping this abusive situation required an act of courage that few can fully comprehend. Laura found refuge in a domestic violence shelter, which provided safety and the necessary training for her to secure employment.

They eventually moved out of the shelter and into an apartment. Her children went to school, and she started working, but the scars of abuse had left her isolated from friends and family, leaving her feeling profoundly alone. Laura reached out to us when she found herself unable to make ends meet one month. Losing her car would jeopardize her job and leave them homeless.

This scenario is all too familiar for countless women leaving abusive relationships. The trauma they endure leaves them feeling like mere shells of their former selves. Without our lifeline, Laura and her children might have ended up back with their abuser.

This is the harsh reality of domestic violence and its shockingly high recidivism rate.

Rebel Thriver recognizes that survivors need more than awareness and community support—they need practical, immediate assistance to prevent them from returning to abusive relationships.

Our emergency fund will serve as a safety net, providing support for essential needs such as transportation assistance, cell phone payments, emergency temporary housing, daycare, and more.

By supporting I am my Sister's Keeper, YOU become a lifeline for survivors as they embark on building a healthy and safe future, liberated from the shackles of abuse. Our fund is a vital bridge that helps survivors overcome the hurdles they often face after escaping abuse. With your assistance, they can move forward confidently, preserving the hard-won freedom they so deserve.

Survivors require essential support in several critical areas to maintain their newfound independence and employment:

  • Emergency Temporary Housing: Providing temporary safe shelter.

  • Emergency Cell Phone Payments: Ensuring survivors can stay connected and reach out for help when needed.

  • Emergency Transportation: Helping survivors access jobs, resources, and support.

  • Emergency Utility Payments: Ensuring access to essential services like electricity and water.

  • Childcare: Supporting survivors in balancing work responsibilities.

Donate to I Am My Sister's Keeper, and you will be a lifeline for survivors, like Laura, who are striving to rebuild their lives, and beginning to THRIVE.

Will YOU be the difference that ensures they never go back to the darkness they fought so hard to escape?